Fox Point Marina is a diverse community of people from a different backgrounds, different cultures and differing financial means.

Our community is founded first and foremost upon RESPECT as our guiding principle.
Fox Point Marina will not tolerate acts of disrespect toward our management, between customers or with any visiting marina guests including transient boaters. These acts include aggression, physical assault, damage to personal property, vandalism, bullying, slandering, threatening, discrimination, taunting, provocation, threats of physical assault, excessive swearing/foul language, stalking, illicit dealings, failure to respect the marina manager's authority, and any acts which may cause one or more customers to feel unsafe in their own marina.
Failure of any customer to abide by this Conduct Policy will result in disciplinary action leading to possible termination of contract without refund and the removal of that individual's vessel from the marina at his/her expense.

Our Lady of the Rosary Church Parking Lot: Fox Point Marina management has also secured parking at a nearby church (Our Lady of the Rosary); Fox Point Marina customers will be allowed to park their vehicles in this lot 24 hours/ day, 7 days a week.
Exception: There will be a single week in early August where customers will not be allowed to park in one of the lots; such dates are to be announced well prior to the Church Festival.

Fox Point Marina offers both electrical service and water supply as an ancillary service. Fees for such services are on a take-or-pay basis and shall be as follows:


Barbecue grills are not allowed on the dock at any time. Use of BBQ grills must be restricted to use onboard a customer's boat and use of such grill is at the customer's risk. The customer should take every precaution to avoid fire whilst using his/her BBQ grill.
The only BBQ grill that is allowed for usage on the dock itself is the marina grill which is maintained before the entrance to B dock. Customers who use the marina grill will be responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the grill.

Work on a boat will be permitted within reasonable limits provided such noise or dust does not disturb other marina customers. This includes light sanding, use of power tools, powerwashing, painting, varnish work and light assembly.

Two carts are available for use by all paying marina customers. These two carts should be used for larger loads within the marina and for load transfers from a customer's car to his boat. The carts are available at no charge and each customer should feel free to use the carts provided they are returned in a timely fashion to the cart storage area at the bottom of the ramp.
The Marina Manager will make additional efforts to try to obtain 1-2 additional carts.

Contractors hired by a boat customer will be allowed to work on a customer's boat or dinghy provided that such work does not disturb neighbors. Contractors must maintain their own liability insurance and must be able to produce such insurance certificates when prompted by the marina manager.
Contractors may be asked to cease work and/or leave the marina if such work disturbs marina customers and guests.
The Marina Manager will also provide or post a list of "Preferred Contractors" for areas including Engine Mechanics, Boat Electrician, Woodworking, Boat Cleaning, and Diving Services

Each customer will be allowed (1) dinghy per boat. This dinghy shall not exceed 12 feet.
Customers with boats over 40 feet are allowed to have dinghies no more than 16 feet. In-water dinghy storage can be arranged with the marina manager. In most cases, dinghies can be rafted off the customer's boat provided they do not interfere with the exit or entry of the neighboring boat or the channel.

Moderate consumption of alcohol is permitted at the marina. Ideally, open containers should not be used to consume alcohol. Customers shall make every effort to dispose of empty beverage containers which includes cans, cups, or bottles in any form.

Excessive drinking leading to actions noted in the Conduct Policy may result in disciplinary action or possible dismissal from the marina.

Drugs, as deemed as illegal by the State of Rhode Island, the use of drugs without a prescription/note of medicinal purpose and the sale and distribution of illegal drugs shall be banned at all times and may result in immediate dismissal from the marina and/ or police action against such customer.

The docks at Fox Point Marina have been equipped with fire extinguishers at multiple stations along each dock. Each customer is asked to visually inspect the docks to ensure that he/she has adequate knowledge of the fire extinguisher locations.

Fire-inducing activities/products such as fireworks in any form, oil-fired torches, tiki torches, paper burning, excessive match use or match lighting, disposal of live cigarette butts on the dock, etc. will not be allowed.

Firearms in any form are banned on the marina premises.

Guest are naturally welcome on each customer's boats. Owner's shall be responsible for the number of guests invited and for their guest's behavior. Guests whose behavior does not conform to the Conduct Policy will be asked to leave the marina.

All marina customers will be required to maintain current boat insurance policies. At a minimum, a liability policy will be required. Customers may be asked to leave the marina if an insurance policy cannot be produced for their vessel.

Minimum Dockage will be billed at a 25 foot minimum. Our slips are 30 foot in length and management's goal is to maximize the space within the marina. As the only marina in the city, space is at a premium.
As such, boats less than 25 feet shall be charged a minimum dockage of 25 feet.

There are two, full marina bathrooms available to Fox Point Marina customers. The bathrooms are complete with toilet, hot/cold water, sink and showers. The bathrooms are located in the back of Lola's restaurant (facing Lola's, the bathrooms are located under the black, metal staircase on the right, bottom side of the building. Access will be by a separate key to be provided by the Marina Manager.

Bathrooms are scheduled to be cleaned three times a week by the cleaning staff for Lola's restaurant.

Since all customers will be in very close proximity to their neighbors and to other boaters in the marina, marina customers are requested to refrain from any activities producing excessive noise. This includes high volume music, yelling, screaming, dj music, fireworks, firearm discharge, air horns, musical instruments, breaking of glass or bottles.

Fox Point Marina is a pet-friendly marina. Owners of boats are allowed to have a maximum of (2) pets per boat. Customers are expected to be diligent in cleaning up after their docks as well as making sure their pets are restrained. Pets should never be a threat or an annoyance to other customers and, in cases where a pet(s) become a problem, the pets may no longer be welcome on the marina premises.

Discharge of any materials, toxic or otherwise, into the waters of the Providence Harbor is not permitted excepting grey water discharge for boaters (permissible by RI law)and non-toxic liquids.

Contact the marina manager to obtain rates and scheduling for the pump out.

Fox Point Marina has an entrance security gate with a passcode that changes by the season to ensure non-returning guests can not get back in and keeps non-marina customers out. 

Access codes for the gate are provided by the Marina Manager and the gate code should only be given to family or close friends.

Signage from a customer boat anywhere on marina property will not be allowed unless previously approved for a special purpose by the Marina Manager.

The Marina Manager will be allowed to hang a sign from his boat on the water-side of B-dock to display contact information for transient dockage. In addition, signage may be permitted for select commercial customers such as houseboats who will be using their boats for commercial purposes. Such signage would need to be approved by both the Marina Manager and the Owners prior to hanging the sign in the marina or on the marina premises.

Marina customers will not be allowed to leave trash in any form on the sides of the docks. Trash is unsightly and often impedes passing. Trash in any form will not be tolerated and customers will be required to take immediate action to dispose of such trash. Trash includes garbage bags, unused coolers, open containers, clothes, wood and construction debris, salvage or abandoned equipment or gear.

All marina trash shall be disposed of in the large Trash Dumpster located on the side of Whiskey Republic. Use of the dumpster for non-marina related trash is not permitted.

Each customer will be required to keep this dock area free of clutter and obstructing build-up such as boat gear, electrical cords, tools, lumber, ladders, coolers, etc.

Fox Point Marina Management will make best efforts to remove snow from the docks. This may or may not include snowplowing and the use of ice-melting salt to clear ice and snow. Snow-melting salt will be placed in sealed buckets along the dock for customers to use as necessary.

Marina customers are also encouraged to clear their own areas to their boats to avoid ice build-up.


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